Camp Info & Calendar

Road Construction Alert!

The Salmon Lake Highway Reconstruction project is currently underway. This is a huge undertaking for the stretch of Highway 83 along Salmon Lake, which will widen the road, smooth out curves, and add retaining walls.

Construction is ongoing on both sides of our landing gate. It will affect EVERYONE traveling to camp for pick-up regardless of where families or parents are traveling from. While our staff is working closely with the Kiewit crew to find a time saving solution for our camp families, we know that delays are inevitable. With this in mind, we ask that you plan ahead and include an additional 30 minutes into your travel time when coming for pick-up. Fortunately, Sunday check-in will be unaffected.

We know this is a major inconvenience for our families and we appreciate your patience as we navigate this difficult situation.

To learn more about this project, and check updates, visit:

to receive email reminders and updates about the 2023 season

Camp Details

Sunday between 2:00pm-3:00pm.

Friday at Noon.

A comprehensive packing list will be emailed to registered families as we get closer to camp. Here are some of the essentials:

  • Pillow & Warm Sleeping Bag, Pajamas – It cools off at night!
  • Toiletries & Towel
  • Beach Gear – Beach Towel, Sandals,Sun Block, Modest Bathing Suit (covers more than your underwear does)
  • Hiking Gear – Long Pants, Closed-toe Shoes, Mosquito Repellant
  • Campfire Gear – Sweatshirt/Jacket, Long Pants, Flashlight
  • Activity Gear – Shorts, T-shirt, Athletic Shoes, (clothes to get dirty in)
  • 5 day supply of Socks & Underwear

Here are a few helpful tips if you feel your camper may experience homesickness while away at camp. Please remember, counselors are well-trained in the area of homesickness!

  • Pack together and talk about camp as you pack.
  • Make sure this will not be the first time your camper has stayed away from home overnight. Arrange for a sleepover at least once before the camp week.
  • Let your camper know it is okay to miss home, but that does not mean they cannot or will not still have fun.
  • Write your camper often. It is best to mail a letter or postcard the day before your camper leaves, and another on the day they leave for camp.
  • When writing to your camper, do not make reference to how lonely you feel without your camper.
  • Reassure your camper that you will be there to pick them up on the last day of camp.
  • Make your goodbyes at drop off short and sweet, encourage your camper to get involved with any of the fun activities taking place during drop off.

Registration Info and Fees

Camp Registration opens on January 1, 2023, for all.
Camp spots will be reserved on a “first come first served” basis for all registrants. Registration will close one week prior to a camp’s start date or when a camp is full to capacity.

If you see the camp you would like is full, the option to join the waitlist will be available to you.

The camp fee for all applicants is $360.00 each from January 1-February 1 during the Early Bird period. After February 1st, the registration fee will be $375.00.

This season, payment can be made in full at the time of registration, or in monthly increments through a payment plan. More Info HERE.

You will receive a confirmation email once you complete registration. This email will be delivered to the parent email address entered into our registration system.

Financial Assistance scholarships are available! If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact us at or call (406)-389-7056. Financial assistance is not available for camps that are full (waitlisted). No youth will be turned away due to financial difficulty. More Info HERE.

If you are no longer able to come to camp and would like to cancel your registration, please contact Legendary Lodge as soon as possible. This makes it possible for other youth to attend camp. A $50 processing fee will be applied to your refund up until May 31st. After that, a $100 processing fee will be applied. Cancellations within 7 days of the registered camp week will NOT be eligible for a refund.

Tips From Parents

Pack with your camper so they know exactly what needs to be brought home. Including a packing list is helpful too, one summer I took pictures of everything we packed and put them in a small album, when my son went to pack up, he looked at the pictures and made sure he had everything.
Send clothes that can get really dirty, it’s camp!
Pack an entire outfit for each day in individual plastic bags, labeled with the day. It makes getting ready easy on your camper and on their counselor!
Label everything!