Questions about drop-off and pick-up times? Wondering what to pack for camp? Check out our frequently asked questions below, and if you have a question which isn’t answered here, please feel free to reach out to us by phone at: (406)-389-7062 or by email at:

– Camp Frequently Asked Questions –

What is the Camp's Summer Phone Number?

Our camp phone during the summer season is: 406-677-2211 

What are the Check-in and Pick-up Times?

Check-in is on Sunday From 2pm-3:30pm
Pick-up is on Friday at 12:00pm [Noon]

Is There a Waiting List for Full Camps?

Yes, we do have a waiting list.
If the session you prefer is full, please get on the waitlist. Lots of shuffling takes place in the few months leading up to summer, so
there’s always a chance a spot will open up for waitlist campers.

Do You Offer Financial Aid?

No youth will be turned away due to financial difficulty. Fine more Info

What Should My Camper Bring?
Can I See Photos of My Camper While They are at Camp?

Throughout the summer, you can visit a password-protected page at no cost to view photos, which are usually updated once a day.
Complete instructions for accessing this service, including the week’s password, will be available at Sunday check-in.

Can I Talk to My Camper During the Camp Week?

Campers may not receive phone calls while at camp. However, you have several options to stay in touch: 

Snail Mail:
You can send letters to:
[Camper Name]
Legendary Lodge
2115 MT Highway 83 North
Seeley Lake, MT 59868 

Drop-Off Letters/Packages:
You can bring a letter or package labeled with your camper’s name and the desired delivery day to check-in. Our staff will collect and deliver it on the specified day. 

Online Messages:
You can use our free and simple online form to send messages. These will be printed once daily at noon, Monday through Thursday. Complete instructions for sending online messages will be provided at Sunday registration. 

What Does the Daily Schedule Look Like?

Campers wake up at 7:30 every morning to get ready for the day and then head to breakfast at 8:00. After breakfast, there is time for cabin clean-up followed by morning prayer. The rest of the morning is filled with traditional summer camp programs like canoeing and archery. Lunch is served at 11:30, followed by some free time where campers can relax, do arts and crafts, play field games, visit the canteen, or swim. Dinner is served at 6:00, followed by a different evening program each night, which includes a lively camp-wide game and counselor-led small group reflection time. After the evening program, campers return to their cabins to enjoy stories and songs and get a good night’s rest to prepare for another fun day! 

What is Available in the Canteen and How Much Money Does My Camper Need?

Campers can visit our canteen once a day. Items available for purchase include T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stuffed animals, water bottles, ice cream, candy, Gatorade, and much more. The average camper brings $25 to camp. Any unspent funds can be returned or donated to our camper scholarship fund. Additionally, we will have a camp store open in the parking lot during check-in and check-out.

Can My Camper Bunk with a Friend?

If you would like your child to be placed in the same cabin as his or her friend, please enter the first and last name of your child’s friend at the “bunkmate” question of registration. We can only ensure one bunkmate per camper. To edit your camper’s bunk mate or double check that you entered the bunkmate correctly, login to your online account and review your registration information. 

My Camper Has to Leave Camp Early, What is the Notification Process?

If your camper needs to leave early, please call the office 406-677-2211 and give the office the time and day that you need to pick them up. That way your camper will be ready when you arrive. You can also let us know when you check your camper in. 

Can My Camper Bring Medications?

It is not necessary to bring certain over-the-counter medications such as Advil or Tylenol, as our first aid room is stocked with common over-the-counter medicines. However, you should bring over-the-counter allergy medications if needed. Our first aid staff will administer all medications.

All medication must come to camp in the original container and be clearly labeled with the correct name, drug, and dosage schedule. Please send no more than what is needed for the week and bring all medications to check-in. 

What Happens if My Camper Becomes Ill or Injured?

Minor medical treatment will be provided by the camp first aid staff. If your child becomes acutely ill, we will keep him or her in the first aid room no more than 24 hours, and any child with a contagious illness will be sent home. If you suspect that your child has been exposed to a contagious illness (such as chicken pox or head lice) before coming to camp or has had a fever within the 24 hours before camp arrival, please call camp to discuss rescheduling your child. 

My Camper Has a Food Allergy, Will You Be Able to Acommodate Them?

You may find that we do better than most camps at accommodating campers with food allergies and restrictions!
We are able to safely host campers with concerns from peanut allergies to gluten-free diets.

Please designate your camper’s allergies and dietary restrictions on their Health History form. If your camper has a life-threatening allergy or if you have other questions, please email Alex, who will be able to explain our dietary accommodations and answer any questions. Her email is:

What If I Think My Camper Might be Homesick?

Here are a few helpful tips if you feel your camper may experience homesickness while away at camp. Please remember, counselors are well-trained in the area of homesickness! 

  • Pack together and talk about camp as you pack. 
  • Make sure this will not be the first time your camper has stayed away from home overnight. Arrange for a sleepover at least once before the camp week. 
  • Let your camper know it is okay to miss home, but that does not mean they cannot or will not still have fun. 
  • Write your camper often. It is best to mail a letter or postcard the day before your camper leaves, and another on the day they leave for camp. 
  • When writing to your camper, do not make reference to how lonely you feel without your camper. 
  • Reassure your camper that you will be there to pick them up on the last day of camp. 
  • Make your goodbyes at drop off short and sweet, encourage your camper to get involved with any of the fun activities taking place during drop off. 
Can I Cancel My Registration?

Yes, you can cancel your registration. However, the $100.00 deposit per camper is nonrefundable. A prorated portion of the remaining fees may be refunded if the camper is sent home due to illness or injury. Refunds will not be made for a remaining period of three days or less. No refund will be given if a camper leaves early due to disciplinary reasons, parent request, or homesickness. 

How Does Legendary Lodge Handle Sensitive or Difficult Issues that May Come Up with Campers?

Legendary Lodge summer staff, while excellent role models in the camp setting, are not qualified or equipped to assist with serious matters regarding campers and do not seek out their personal information. Although rare, when campers do inform staff of these matters, campers are safely supervised, and parents are immediately notified. These include but may not be limited to; mental health issues/struggles, a camper divulging unsafe behavior outside of camp, gender identity struggles/issues, or an unsafe environment or harmful situation outside of camp.

Campers, staff, and volunteers will be addressed using pronouns corresponding to their sex at birth, and cabin assignments will follow the same approach. If you have questions about this approach or wish to discuss whether the timing is right for your child to attend camp, contact Alex Kautzky at