2024 Adventure Camp Registration Details Coming Soon

2024 Adventure Camp Dates

Session #1: July 14-19
Session #2: July 21-26

The Legendary Adventure Camp (LAC) integrates the raw, intense and difficult wilderness experience with the foundations of our faith in the context of a 6 day backpacking adventure. We will celebrate mass each morning and dig into our rich Catholic tradition each evening while covering 5-7 miles of wilderness trail, climbing mountains, catching cutthroat trout and learning wilderness survival skills during the day.

For youth entering grades 9-12

What it’s all about…

The Fathers of the Church spoke of God’s two books, the Holy Scriptures and the Book of Nature. The scriptures reveal God in his love and mercy while the book of nature clearly reveals God’s “eternal power and divine nature.” The glory and grandeur of the created world lifts our hearts to the heavens, for we see in it a generous God who gives good things with abundance and abandon.

As Christians, we know our need for solitude only the wilderness can give. Just as Elijah heard the still small voice of God on mount Carmel, we go into the wild, away from the buzz of the world to an empty, stark land knowing God will fill the silence with his Word- the only Word that satisfies.

We must take our youth where God is powerfully present- so into the wilderness we go! Legendary Adventure Camp (LAC) is a a collaboration between Legendary Lodge and COR Expeditions, an outreach of Wyoming Catholic College who will provide our guides.

2024 Trip Details:

Dates (all sessions are co-ed):

Session #1: July 14-19
Session #2: July 21-26

Route Details:

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Legendary Adventure Camp

Financial Assistance

Our goal is to make the summer camp experience accessible to all. If you are in need of a financial assistance scholarship, please download and fill out the Financial Assistance Form below and return it to us via email or mail. We also encourage families to check in with their local parishes, as many offer scholarships for camp!

Camp Information

Age: Participants must be entering grades 9-12.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Registration Deadline: TBA

Cost: $750.00 | A $100 deposit can be made at the time of registration, with final payment due at a determined date prior to camp.

Refund Policy: Upon cancellation, the registrant can get a full refund, minus their non-refundable deposit. Any cancellations made the week before a camp session will not be eligible for a refund.

Gear: Select items of gear will be available for registrants to reserve for their camp week as a part of registration if they don’t have their own.

Who’s Leading the Camps?

There will be a team of highly qualified, technically well-trained, and spiritually well-formed adults who guide the week, all of whom meet Diocese of Helena Safe Environment policies and standards. The primary guides of the week for all things technical (e.g. gear, safety, wilderness first aid, etc.) will be from COR Expeditions. Based in Wyoming, COR has years of experience guiding Catholic outdoor trips like LAC all across the country.

The spiritual components of the weeks will be facilitated, primarily, by Fr. Kirby Longo, along with a team of young adults who are well-formed and well-trained to facilitate small group experiences. The team, including Fr. Kirby, are also experienced, well-trained, and certified in a variety of wilderness first aid and other related areas.

Physical Requirements:

LAC includes six days of Hiking and five nights of camping in the wilderness, several miles from the closest road or access to medical emergency facilities. The amount of physical exertion required is normally suitable for someone of average physical condition and health. Additional information or a doctor’s physical exam may be required for some applicants to help ensure their individual safety and the safety of the group.

If we require additional information or a doctor’s physical exam, you will be notified upon the review of  your registration information.

While the trip will be suitable for those of average health, participants should be aware of the following:

  • Weather conditions at altitude are unpredictable and, although rarely, can range from below zero to over 100 °F. Thunderstorms, strong winds, rain, snow, and intense sunlight are characteristics of outdoor conditions.
  • Elevations may exceed 10,000 feet above sea level.
  • Participants will hike and camp in rocky/mountainous terrain that may include traveling on steep hiking paths, off-trail hiking, crossing fast-flowing streams, and camping in tents in cool overnight temperatures.
  • Prior physical conditioning will greatly improve the ability will to participate fully in all of the planned activities and also improve a participant’s enjoyment of these experiences.
  • This trip requires carrying a backpack ranging from 40-60 pounds. This may require carrying water as well which will increase backpack weight. Training for carrying this weight is highly suggested.

For Questions, Please Contact:

What a Day at Adventure Camp Looks Like: 

  • Campers wake up straight into mass, followed by 20 minutes of silent adoration. 
  • Breakfast follows prayer, then camp is packed up and we try to hit the trail early. 
  • Midday, as it gets hot, we stop for lunch followed by Kairos: the Greek word for time, not simply measured time, but timelessness. Kids can pray, rest, or journal, ~30min is set aside.  
  • Mid-afternoon we arrive in camp and the groups split up to set up camp and begin dinner prep. When camp is established, before dinner we have a session on the spiritual life and small group time.  
  • After dinner, our guides usually have some outdoors skills training, Leave No Trace, or practical lessons for the students, otherwise we build a fire, chat, and play games until everyone crashes. 
  • 1x per week we have mass on the mountain instead of in the morning. That is usually a longer day, so it begins early with what we call an “Alpine start.”