Tips for Camp

Drop off and Sign in

Sunday between 2 & 3 p.m.

Pick Up

Friday at 12 noon


Make sure to reiterate food or other allergies at sign-in even though online registration may have the information.


Bring any camper medications in original prescription or OTC containers.


Mail is handed out daily to campers (Except for on Fridays). You may send mail via a postal service or email, or you can bring it to camp when you drop your camper off.


(Camper Name)
Legendary Lodge
2115 Highway 83 North
Seeley Lake, MT 59868

Bring to camp: If you are dropping off your camper, it’s a great idea to bring a letter or a package with you, and label them with your camper’s name and the day you want them delivered. Our staff will receive them at the check-in table and deliver each letter/package on the appropriate day.

Postal Service: When sending letters or packages via a Postal Service expect an added day for delivery as we are in a rural area.

Email: To email campers use Include camper’s name in the subject line. Limit emails to one per day, per camper. No attachments or e-greeting cards. Please send emails by 10am for same day delivery. Campers can return mail through hand-written letters only. Along with letters and packages, we do not deliver any emails on Fridays.

What to Bring

  • Pillow & Warm Sleeping Bag, Pajamas – It cools off at night!
  • Toiletries & Towel
  • Beach Gear – Beach Towel, Sandals,Sun Block, Modest Bathing Suit (covers more than your underwear does)
  • Hiking Gear – Long Pants, Closed-toe Shoes, Mosquito Repellant
  • Campfire Gear – Sweatshirt/Jacket, Long Pants, Flashlight
  • Activity Gear – Shorts, T-shirt, Athletic Shoes, (clothes to get dirty in)
  • 5 day supply of Socks & Underwear

Young Campers and Homesickness

  • Please remember, counselors are well-trained in the area of homesickness!
  • Pack together and talk about camp as you pack.
  • Make sure this will not be the first time your camper has stayed away from home overnight. Arrange for a sleepover at least once before the camp week.
  • Let your camper know it is okay to miss home, but that does not mean they cannot or will not still have fun.
  • Write your camper often. It is best to mail a letter or postcard the day before your camper leaves, and another on the day they leave for camp.
  • When writing to your camper, do not make reference to how lonely you feel without your camper.
  • Reassure your camper that you will be there to pick them up on the last day of camp.
  • Make your goodbyes at drop off short and sweet, encourage your camper to get involved with any of the fun activities taking place during drop off.


Tips from Parents

  • “Pack an entire outfit for each day in individual plastic bags, labeled with the day. It makes getting ready easy on your camper and on their counselor!”
  • “Label everything!”
  • “Send clothes that can get really dirty, it’s camp!”
  • “Pack with your camper so they know exactly what needs to be brought home. Including a packing list is helpful too, one summer I took pictures of everything we packed and put them in a small album, when my son went to pack up, he looked at the pictures and made sure he had everything.”